BCLR Miss Tessa Z219





BCLR Miss Shania S611

Sire: BFCK Cherokee Canyon 4912
Dam: KS Miss Blizzard P313
Owned by:Bichler Simmentals
Shania has always been a standout female in our program. Perhaps her highest accomplishment thus far has been BCLR Shamwow W611 who has gone on to be a leading herdsire for Kenner Simmentals. Shania consistently attracts viewers with her phenotype and quiet disposition. We have recently added her to our donor pen because she is everything we look for in a SimAngus cow; sound, deep, easy fleshing, moderate and attractive. Shania is Homozygous Polled and Non-Diluted. We will be flushing her in 2015!

CDI Ms Crockett 88T

Sire: LBR Crockett R81
Dam: CDI Ms Shear Force 4N
Owned by: Bichler Simmentals
88T is the dam to one of the most influential bulls we have ever used, CDI Authority 77X. When we lost Authority earlier than we anticipated, we just had to have his potent dam in our ET program. We were very fortunate that C Diamond Simmentals gave us that opportunity! 88T has quickly become a favorite around here and we flushed her extensively in 2014. We will be calving out our first set of ET calves this spring and no doubt we are excited about their arrival. It is rare to find a cow with her performance, EPD profile and phenotype all wrapped into one package. She is Homozygous Polled and Non-Diluted.

CDI Ms Trump 130Y

Sire: NF Trump S582
Dam: CDI Ms Crockett 88T
Owned by: Bichler Simmentals
130Y is one of the most impressive young cows we have on the ranch! Not only is she a full sister to Authority, but she displays the consistency we see from the influence of our 88T donor. 130Y mirrors what our Authority females are turning into and we are excited to have a young herd of cows like this running our pastures! 130Y is extremely nice fronted, long bodied, deep, and easy doing with a picture perfect udder. Look for her influence in our program in the future! She is Homozygous Polled and Non-Diluted.

LSF Red Fay LA425 P4025

Sire: Brown Vacation H7106
Dam: LSF Red Fay J1437 LA425
Owned by: Bichler Simmentals
Fay is a cow that we have been wanting to add to our donor pen for several years and we are very fortunate it finally happened! She has an impressive track record at the Pederson Broken Heart Ranch by producing several sale topping bulls. She is an extremely high performing, big bodied Vacation daughter who is renown for producing superior Red Angus females and Fay is no exception. Fay will no doubt propel our Red Angus program forward and we are anxious to begin flushing her in 2015!

BCLR Miss Regan R513

Dam: TNT MISS TESSA G180 (Americana)
Owned by: Bichler Simmentals
Regan has been such a huge asset to our herd. She was quickly added to our donor pen as a young cow and has never disappointed us with her ability to “click” with any mating. Regan has produced several sale toppers including BCLR Ammo W513-1, who is her most noted son, selling to Genex and Gonsior Simmentals. Because Regan is such a prolific donor, we have decided it is time to let her go. She will sell in her entirety in our 2015 production sale! Her influence in our herd will continue with her many daughters and grand-daughters! Regan is Homozygous Polled and Homozygous Black.

TNT Miss Honey L9

Owned by: Bichler Simmentals
If you are a Simmental enthusiast, you are no stranger to L9. We cannot say enough about this cow. She has made a huge impact not only in our program and the TNT program, but on the breed as a whole. She has left us with bulls such as TNT Gunner and her daughters have produced bulls such as TNT Tanker who have been some of the heaviest used bulls in the breed! She surpassed the 100,000 dollar mark in progeny sales some time ago and it’s no question it takes a special cow to achieve that milestone! Even though L9 is now deceased we will continue to see her influence through the daughters and sons she has left behind and we thank TNT Simmentals for the opportunity to work with such a tremendous donor! L9 is Homozygous Polled and Heterozygous Black.