Our Program
Our program has grown significantly in the past 10 years.  Since we began our production sale in 2005, we have been able to not only increase the number of bulls and females we offer, but create more consistency both genetically and phenotypically.  We use AI and Embryo Transfer extensively to ensure that we are propagating our best genetics.  The Bichler Ranch is located in south central North Dakota and consists of approximately 200 mother cows which are comprised of both registered and commercial females.  The commercial females are utilized in our ET program. 

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is that quality is always centered around the cowherd.  That is why we cull heavily for not only performance and genetics but for relevant traits important to our customers such as disposition, udder quality and structural soundness.  Any females failing to meet these requirements are either moved into our recipient herd or they are simply culled.  We believe the best performing cattle are moderate framed, easy fleshing, and deep bodied and you will see this in the cattle we produce.  We flush superior cows in our herd to produce consistently superior females which in turn are mated to produce bulls for the purebred and commercial producer alike.

We also employ our philosophy when selecting herd bulls and AI sires to use on our cowherd.  Many hours are spent “doing our homework” to ensure that we not only incorporate fresh genetics into our herd, but that they will propel us in a positive direction and in turn do the same for our customers.